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"daxon" is a small group of technology geeks. We live to learn and we enjoy the trip.

Our team is professional with an academic background in the fields of engineering and IT technologies. We believe our expertise is to reconcile the common language of business with rapidly branching trends in IT.

IT has become multifaceted and multidisciplinary. The bar has been raised high and new standards in business have been set. What was once an acceptable and valid solution is not any more.

Today, IT may solve business puzzles in many different ways. But, which is the right one? Will it prove obsolete soon? What are the alternatives? Trade-offs?

The fast growing complexity of intertwined technology trends widens the gap between common managerial knowledge and understanding of IT as an instrument, on a daily basis.

This is where we have found our niche. Having spent most of our time listening to customers, dissecting problems and brainstorming to come up with something special, we have become fluent in both languages.

Along the way, we have discovered that most projects had a common denominator and shared repetitive patterns. These patterns have been patiently factored out into specific software for software generation. Today, this unique solution creator has allowed us to concentrate on project specifics, and has made us much faster, sharper and more efficient in many different ways.

We also strongly believe that every day is a new opportunity to see further and wider. We pick up the most valuable things from our customers, spend time reading scientific papers, explore new trends and revisit the beauty of the fundamentals.

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